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Requirements of Raw Material for Color Coated Aluminum Coil Rolls

March 12, 2019

The color coated aluminum coil is obtained by further processing of plain aluminum coil rolls. Requirements of its raw material are as below.

1. It can contain up to 0.20% zirconium and titanium.

2. The elemental properties of the combination are expressed as the highest percentage unless a range or minimum value is listed.

3. With a purpose to decide the appropriate numerical limits, the observed statics or calculated values of a pvdf color coated aluminum coil are based on the standard rule ANSI Z25.1, indicating a clear range.

color coated aluminum sheet and coils2

4. The amount of aluminum in the non-alloyed aluminum that is not through the refining process equals the amount difference between the total amount of other metals and 100% pure aluminum – the difference is 0.01 or slightly more.

5. In addition to non-alloy aluminium colour coated sheet coils, the amount of the element specified in the alloy is usually indicated in the analysis report. However, if other elements are suspected to exist during the analysis or some of the elements are suspected to be excessive, further analysis should be performed until confirmed.

6. Chemical film treatment is performed onto the substrate of a pvdf color coated aluminum coil;

7. Epoxy serves as the resin primer and the surface of powder coated aluminum color is set in accordance with the standard color sheet in the industry.

Boasting light weight, bright colors, creative designs and long service life, pe and pvdf color coated aluminum coil and sheet are winning increasing popularity in various industries.

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