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Mirror Finish Aluminum Sheet Metal Used for Labels

August 30, 2018

Mirror finish aluminum sheet metal refers to aluminium sheets with at least 80% reflectivity. Superior sheets can reach a reflectivity of 95% and above. Base plate alloys include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5005 and 5057. The sheet is used for labels because of its excellent decorative effect, good weather resistance and low cost.

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Mirror finish aluminum sheet metal has extraordinary decorative effect. Its shiny surface adds taste to bags, wallets and other daily belongs. It can be painted with colors like gold, light green, silver to match colors and styles of an item. The sheet is of proper strength, and can be embossed with logos directly on the surface. It’s convenient to cut a piece of polished aluminum sheet into pieces of any given size. Some labels on shoes are so tiny that they are only several millimeters long and wide. In spite of its tiny size, the sheet piece also has logos or designs on its surface. The sheet perform such good weather resistance that painted colors last years without fading. That’s because aluminium mirror sheets have gone through an anti-oxidation process before being painted, becoming anodized aluminum sheet mirror finish. As a result, an aluminum label of a handbag would still be shiny after years of exposure to winds, rains and sunshine. In addition, low cost is an overwhelming advantage of the sheet metal as raw material for labels. Owing to smaller density, aluminum sheets weigh much less than copper and steel sheets of the same volume. That makes its price relatively lower.

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