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Application of Mirror Finish Aluminum Sheet Metal

June 25, 2018

Mirror finish aluminum sheet metal refers to aluminium sheet with a reflective effect similar to mirrors. Obtained by continuous rolling and polishing of base plates, it’s applied extensively as lighting reflective and decorative parts, collecting boards of solar heat, interior and exterior decorating materials, face plates for domestic appliances, furniture, automobile ornaments, sign plates on boxes and cases etc.

mirror finish aluminum sheet metal

The primary usage of the sheet metal was reflecting covers for various commercial lights and lamps of grille, bracket, outdoor, floodlight, spotlight, aquarium etc. Its main function in lighting is to reflect light, which proves to be crucial because it improves at least 60% brightness of a lamp. In addition to excellent reflecting effect, the sheet has an extremely low density, only one third of that of stainless steel. That means it weighs much less than steel of the same volume. Besides, its mining and manufacturing costs prove to be far less than both steel and copper, two key metal plates used in industrial production. These two advantages enable it rise into one of the most metal sheets, replacing steel and copper in any possible industry. Sign plates turned out to be its first target, since it meets their manufacturing and decorative requirements perfectly. Generally mirror finish aluminum sheet metals will go through secondary processing before being made into end products. Manufacturers of sign plates usually leave given logos, letters or designs on the sheet metals through processes of silk printing, heat transfer printing or inscription. Hot rolled sheets have better performance for such processes than traditional polished sheets that are normally spotted with wax-like points. Further more, hot rolled sheets boast higher reflective rate, quality coherence and productivity.

However, there are still problems in practical process of aluminum mirror sheet. In spite of protective film, the sheet surface gets damaged easily, especially by machinery scraps. Haomei is a twenty-year manufacturer and supplier of polished aluminium sheets. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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