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Laser engraving anodized aluminium sheet

December 6, 2019

A laser engraving anodized aluminium sheet is an anodized aluminium sheet for engraving. Backed up by advanced production technology and equipment, engraving aluminium sheets become a new generation of personalized and artistic mainstream products in construction. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely fireproof, diverse in style and easy to clean.

laser engraving anodized aluminium sheet

An anodized aluminium sheet is used as the base material that is engraved by the computer CNC bending technology according to the dimensions, various shapes and appearances provided by clients. The main advantages of a laser engraving anodized aluminium sheet are as follows:

1. It’s light in weight, making the structure of the device simple. Although the method of the device is simple, it has outstanding bending resistance and wind resistance.

2. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used for the renovation and renovation of various old buildings, interior and exterior decoration planning, various new construction buildings, and can also be used for wall panels, ceiling panels, and decoration panels .

3. It has a long service life, and the use of fluorocarbon spraying is free from ultraviolet, humidity and atmospheric corrosion, and will never fade;

4. The sheets can be recovered 100%, and the residual value of the recovery is high;

5. Finished laser engraving anodized aluminium sheet pieces are easy to install and disassemble, Each plate is independent, and the aluminum plate is fixed on the keel sprocket, which can be removed separately for easy maintenance.

6. It has rich fancy types and arbitrary markings for customers to choose. The characteristic patterns can also be professionally planned according to the needs of customers. Compared with traditional aluminum veneer, engraved anodized aluminium sheets are more able to satisfy customers’ pursuit of modern aesthetics. Its size, color, and distance can be ordered according to customer needs.

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