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How to Color Reflective Aluminum Mirror Sheet

September 6, 2018

A reflective aluminum mirror sheet is mainly made of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series of aluminium. Most mirror sheets are of natural silver color, but some are colored to meet special application needs like decorative lamp parts and hotel ceilings. In contacting with buyers from various industries, aluminium manufacturers have developed colored sheet to cater for market demands. There are two types of colors for mirror sheets: natural color and metal color. The former includes traditional red, orange, gold, light green, dark green, blue, light blue, purple, gray and black, and the latter comprises titanium gold, champagne, copper red, rose gold, light bronze, dark bronze and steel color.

reflective aluminum mirror sheet

Then how to color reflective aluminum sheets? The sheet must go through a pre-treatment process before being anodized. It is cleaned by chemical or physical methods so that the integrated dense artificial anodized film is revealed. The mirroring surface can be obtained by mechanical methods. The sheet is then put for an anodizing process during which its surface get anodized and a layer of film comes into being. The film is dense, porous and strongly adsorbent. Metal dusts are then poured onto the surface and absorbed by the film. After that the holes are sealed by special processes to strengthen the anodized film’s resisting abilities against contamination, corrosion and wearing. Owing to the fact that the anodized film is transparent and colorless, the colors of absorbed metal dusts would reveal themselves on the surface of reflective aluminum mirror sheets.

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