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Roller Coating Process of Aluminum Trim Coil

September 7, 2018

Aluminum trim coils have rich colors because they have gone through a roller coating process. It’s an effective, continuous and highly automated process providing coils of more consistent colors. After being degreased, chemically treated and coated, aluminium substrates become trim coils with good moldability, scratch resistance, aesthetic appearance and weather resistance.

aluminum trim coil

Aluminum trim coil colors can be obtained through feeding, pre-treatment, coating, solidification and further process. Raw aluminium rolls are fed into the temper mill. Flattened rolls get into the storage machine that has two scrolls, one of which serves as a back up. When one roll is about to be finished, it should pause to get the tail end welded onto the following roll. In this way, the storage machine is emptied and the production continues. The coils are then washed by repeated water spraying. This proves to be more effective than tradition methods and the water can be reused as well. Such a pre-treatment step is indispensable because it improves corrosion resistance of aluminum trims coils and cohesiveness of paintings. A transformer film comes into being on the surface during the process. Coating consists of two procedures: base coating and face coating. The flattened rolls go through the coating machine to get one or both sides coated with base paintings. After being dried, the coils are fed into a second machine to have face paintings (pvc, pvdf) coated. PVDF or pvc aluminum trim coils are then placed into a curing oven for solidification, during which volatile matters are eliminated and paintings get solidified. The solidification temperature is kept within a certain scope to guarantee effect. Painted coils can be further processed into different sizes and shapes to meet various application needs.

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