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8011 Aluminum Coil Sheet for Ropp Caps

September 5, 2018

8011 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps is the most widely applied aluminum material for bottle caps. There are two main tempers for it: H16 and H14. 8011 aluminum coils for bottle caps is an aluminum alloy containing over 1% of iron and silicon. This makes it advantageous among numerous aluminum alloys. Its tensile strength ranks between 125Mpa and 165Mpa, yield strength 110Mpa and elongation from 2% to 5%. As a kind of aluminium closure sheet, it’s usually processed into ring pull bottle cap for beer, cosmetics, medicines, milk powder, juice, tea etc.

8011 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps

8011 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps has to go through repeated rolling and slitting processes before being cut, lacquered, dried, punched and then finally made into bottle caps. Spirit and wine caps require better deep drawing property of raw materials than medicine caps, therefore, the aluminium coil sheet has to be tempered differently to obtain stronger elongation. Aluminium closure sheet is light and environmental friendly. Aluminium has a density of only one third of copper and iron, which makes it much lighter as well. Besides, it’s endowed with excellent corrosion resistance and good printable property. After being lacquered, the letters or designs stay long on the surface without blurring. Owing to the fact that they are made of pure metals, aluminium ropp caps has no pollution like plastic caps whose particles might contaminate bottled food. After being used, the ropp caps can be recycled more easily, which makes aluminum scrap trading an internationally prosperous business.

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