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Factors influencing 6061 and 3003 aluminium checker plate price

October 30, 2019

Factors influencing 6061 and 3003 aluminium checker plate price include relationship between market demand and supply, aluminium ingot price, aluminium checker plate quality (including brand effect) and shipment cost.

No matter it is 6061 or 3003 aluminum checker plate, its price is directly influenced by the relationship between market demand and supply. If the demand is small, the price will decline, and if the demand increases, the price rises correspondingly. This is a universal rule in a free market, with no commodity struggling out of its limit. On the other hand, if the demand stays stable yet the supply changes, the price fluctuates, too. The more suppliers there are for the plates, the lower the price goes, which may force some suppliers to quit until the checker aluminium plate price goes up to a satisfying level. Therefore, manufacturers and suppliers need to think twice before getting into the market. They should be able to anticipate the market trend in at least three to five years.

As known to all, aluminum ingot price changes daily. This makes the same supplier give two different prices of 3003 or 6061 aluminium checker plate on two different days. For example, two months ago the aluminium ingot price was 10960RMB, and today it’s 9900RMB, than you will be able to obtain aluminum cheaquered plates of the same specification now by saving at least 1060RMB than if you had purchased two months ago.

aluminium checker plate price

Quality proves to be the biggest factor that influences the aluminium checker plate price. This factor is a little more complicated, for it entails brand and manufacturing cost. In other words, even if two plates are of the same manufacturing cost, the one of a famous brand is more expensive. People are willing to pay extra money for satisfying brands because good brands indicates excellent service. The manufacturing cost is related to raw material quality, alloy number of a plate, advanced level of process and process complexity level of a plate. Therefore, it’s not surprising for you to get several prices from different suppliers.

Shipment cost proves to be a crucial part for large aluminium plate suppliers because they serve too many clients from too scattered regions. Hundreds of tons of plates need to be shipped every day. This makes them feel obliged to build a specialized unit dealing with shipment. The shipment cost of aluminium checker plates is usually influenced by delivery distance and weight. Generally speaking, the delivery cost for 3003 or 6061 aluminium checker plate stacks ranges between 300 to 500RMB if the distance is within hundreds of kilometers. Usually large suppliers with good logistic systems are able to offer lower delivery prices.

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