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New order of 1050 aluminum circle

October 29, 2019

Days ago we received a 20-ton order of 1050 aluminum circle from Nigeria. Although it’s not a larger order, it marks the beginning of a new friendship. The buyer is a newly built cookware manufacturer producing pots and strainers, aiming to be the most powerful pot suppliers in the country.

1050 aluminum circle

When we received the inquiry, we didn’t sense anything unusual about the buyer. The email simply said “aluminum circle for cookware”. After an email was sent, we soon received a reply with detailed statement about requirements. The buyer was obviously experienced in cookware and he was just planning to start a new business. He used to be a manager of another cookware making factory and just quit to be his own boss. The negotiation was not long but smooth. Since he had to begin with obtaining cookware making machines, he asked us to purchase a production line for him. It was a little tricky for a metal supplier to supply machines, especially for a client who trusts us so much. We spent months getting a satisfying line for him and then our samples of 1050 aluminum circle sheets were sent to him. Although he was really impressed by our samples, he wanted a lower price. After rounds of negotiation, he finally decided to put his first order.

As a professional aluminium discs circles supplier of 11 years, we provide 1050 aluminum circle discs of bright and smooth surface. High purity is our biggest advantage. After the deep drawing process, the ear rate proves to be extremely low. What’s more, we have a specialized service team dealing with only after-sales fairs. This enable us to offer the biggest help to our clients from customs document to private purchasing needs. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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