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Brushed aluminium 1060 plates

April 9, 2020

Brushed aluminium 1060 plates are between 0.3mm to 4.0mm thick, applied to composite panels, fire-proof panels, photo frames, fancy cupboards, windows, doors, labels, lamp ornaments, home appliance panels, cases, electronic products etc. Containing 99.6% aluminum content, 1060 brushed plates show excellent elongation and tensile strength in regular processing methods, such as punching, stretching, cutting and so on.

brushed 1060 aluminium sheets

Grain types for a 1060 brushed aluminum plate include ripple lines and irregular lines. The former is realized by the corrugation processing technology carried out by a brushing machine. It mainly adopts the axial movement of the equipment to achieve the drawing texture during the processing process, which can make the surface of the aluminum plate show a wavy texture. In the industry we usually call it ripple. Irregular lines, also known as the chaotic pattern, are mainly made by processing under a high-speed copper wire brush. This method allows the plate to move irregularly in random directions for friction, and promotes the formation of random and obvious brushed lines on the surface of the aluminum plate. Only plates of excellent surface states are qualified to be processed in this way.

1060 aluminium plates can be brushed by one side or both sides. At the meantime, color coating is available. Popular colors include ancient copper color, green, silver, blue, red, gold, purple brown, black, pink, bright golden, blue green, dull silver and so on. Owing to its lower hardness and poorer corrosion resistance, 1060 brushed aluminium plates covers only regular application fields in domestic appliance and interior decoration rather than in products and environments requiring high hardness and strong corrosion resistance. Brushed aluminium sheets for aircraft and marine parts usually contain alloy metals to obtain better chemical and mechanical properties.

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