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1100-o aluminum coil price

April 8, 2020

The price of 1100-o aluminum coil varies from supplier to supplier. The coil is a soft state pure aluminium roll applied to decoration, food packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aviation, aviation weapons, etc. From 0.1mm to 8mm thick, 1100 aluminium coil features strong corrosion resistance, good conductivity, low density, weak hardness and excellent plasticity.

1100-o aluminum coil

The price will be affected by the state, thickness, width and other factors of demand. 1100 O aluminum coil can be customized in either thickness or width, so the quotation is not uniform. Moreover, aluminum manufacturers in the market are miscellaneous and uneven in strength, and purchasers should polish their eyes and select carefully to avoid buying rolls with poor quality. You are advised to choose 2-3 large regular manufacturers for on-the-spot investigation, and then choose the best one after comprehensive comparison of these manufacturers’ strength, technical level, product quality, price and service. In this way, the quality of the purchased products is guaranteed, and the price is relatively more economical.

If you aim to choose suppliers from China, here is a tip in location of suppliers. Henan Province is a developing region. Compared with regions near ports, prices here are more affordable, because the labor cost here is relatively low. In regard of market competition, there are many aluminum manufacturers in Henan, and the competition between manufacturers is fierce, which makes the price lower than other regions. Haomei is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, boasting convenient transportation and competitive price. Welcome to send inquiries.

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