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1100 Aluminum Coil

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1100 aluminum coil

1100 Aluminum Coil Properties and Application

1100 aluminum coil belong to 1000 series of aluminum, also called pure aluminum, because this type of aluminum materials contain the largest share of aluminum in all alloys. In accordance with international principles for alloy naming, only aluminum coil containing at least 99% of Al element can be named as 1100 aluminum alloy. Similar rules are also mentioned in China …

1100 Aluminum Coil

1100 Aluminum Coil

1100 aluminum is the most commercially pure alloy of all the aluminum grades. 1100 aluminum coil and 1100 aluminum sheet are both available for various applications including chemical storage and processing equipemtn. 1100 aluminum coil & sheet include a 99% or greater content of aluminum compared to other grades of aluminum. 1100 is a low strength aluminum alloy with excellent …

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