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1100 H14 Aluminum Coil Properties and Application

April 3, 2020

1100 h14 aluminum coil belongs to 1000 series of aluminum, also called pure aluminum, because this type of aluminum materials contain the largest share of aluminum in all alloys. In accordance with international principles for alloy naming, only those containing at least 99% of Al element can be named as 1100 aluminum alloy. Similar rules are also mentioned in China Aluminum Alloy Technique Standards.

1100 h14 aluminum coil

In comparison with other alloys, 1100 aluminum coil shows weaker strength. It has good ductility, forming property, weldability and corrosion resistance. These properties can be further strengthened by relative processing steps. For example, anodizing helps to improve the ability against corrosion and surface quality. After being anodized it can be coated with PE or PVDF, becoming colorful signboards, roofing shields, artful cookware etc. As other 1000 series of aluminum products, 1100 h14 aluminum coil is not suitable to be hot-treated. Owing to excellent tensile strength and extraordinary heat conductivity, the coil covers a wide range of application. It serves as raw material for industries from cookware making to industrial equipment manufacturing. It can be made into items like bag labels, bottle caps, heat sink pieces, heat exchanging parts etc. In addition, manufacturers of printing plates and construction boards also prefer to choose 1100 aluminum coil as raw materials.

Haomei Aluminum produces 1100 h14 aluminum coil of thickness between 0.1 and 6mm and width from 20mm to 2000mm. We have an engineering team of over 1000 people and are equipped with 1+4 hot rolling mill production line, cold rolling, tension leveling machine, flying shear, coated line and vertical slitting machine, etc. We boasts more than twenty years of manufacturing experience and over ten years of exporting history. Our sales team in export department is experienced in contacting with clients all over the world. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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