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1060 aluminum alloy price

April 10, 2020

To calculate 1060 aluminum alloy price, you need to know the current aluminum ingot price, thickness and size of the alloy sheet coil, total weight (based on volume and density), manufacturing cost of your supplier and delivery cost. The price is never stable, for it varies with specifications matching different process methods. The price of 1060 alloy proves to be a litter lower than alloys of other series.

aluminum alloy 1060

Haomei Aluminium has been engaged in production of aluminum alloy 1060 for over 20 years, supplying 1060 aluminum sheets of flat clean surface, superior quality and competitive price. Our 1060 aluminum coil plate boasts good elongation, high tensile strength, good conductivity and excellent forming property, fully catering for requirements for regular processing methods like punching and stretching, applied in power battery soft connections, aluminum plastic boards, lamps, signs, etc.

Months ago we just finished an order of 100-ton 1060 aluminum alloy sheet for bus bar, which is a powerful proof of our strength and credit among our clients. We supply coil of thickness between 0.1mm and 0.8mm, and plate of 0.1mm to 500mm. Export countries include America, Canada, South Africa, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Algeria and so on. If you need 1060 aluminum alloy price, welcome to send email!

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