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Anodized aluminium sheet for decoration

April 21, 2020

Anodized aluminium sheet for decoration mainly includes laser engraving anodized aluminium sheet, anodized brushed aluminum sheet and black anodized aluminium sheet.

 Anodized brushed aluminum sheet

A dense oxide film on the surface of brushed aluminum sheets endow the sheet with advantages of resistance to fingerprint and and dust. The sheets are applied to chassis cabinets, architectural decoration, hardware electrical enclosures and in particular, electronic products. With its beautiful silk pattern and light weight, brushed aluminium has become a royal material for many laptop designers. Brushed alumina can be long or short with varied gloss and colors, providing notebook designers with rich design options. The stable performance of the aluminum plate surface facilitates the cleaning process, too. Only a small amount of regular wiping with a clean cloth helps to maintain the long-term gloss and color uniformity of brushed alumina.

Anodized aluminium sheet for decoration

 Laser engraving anodized aluminium sheet

Laser engraved sheets are produced by advanced numerical control machine with high-quality anodized aluminum plates. Owing to proper hardness of aluminium, finished perforated aluminum sheets can be processed by pressing, bending and rolling, and the surface can be sprayed. The mesh types can be made randomly, like round, square, diamond, hexagon, triangle, long waist, etc. Anodized aluminum plates between 0.3 and 8.0mm thick can be punched. Finished sheets are strong in corrosion resistance and weight carrying ability, applied to sound-absorbing materials for ceilings and wall panels, beautifully decorated orifice plates for stairs, balconies, tables and chairs, food machinery, drying sieve plates, decorative ceilings, instrument cases, audio speakers and various filter valves.

  Black anodized aluminium sheet

A black anodized aluminium sheet represents color coated anodized sheets. There are also blue anodized aluminium sheets, red anodized aluminium sheets and so on. Anodized aluminum plates have good corrosion resistance, anti-static insulation performance and good bonding and adhesion properties if the surface is not sealed. The thickness of the oxide film can generally be between 3um-15um. Of course, the thicker the oxide film, the better the performance and the higher the price. Alloys for colored anodized aluminum sheets incorporate 1060, 3003, 5052 and 6061. With good bending processing performance, the sheets are suitable for various industries such as electronic and electrical panels, air conditioning and refrigeration pipes, electronic and electrical, curtain walls and so on.

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