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2024 aluminum coil for planes

April 20, 2020

2024 aluminum coil for planes features light weight and super hardness stronger even than 7075 alloy. We are a 20-year supplier of good price 2024 aluminium roll.

2024 aluminum coil

2024 aluminium coil, a conventional member of hard aluminium alloy, contains ingredients of copper and magnesium as well as aluminium. The combination of high-density copper and low-density magnesium not only neutralizes the weight of 2024 alloy, but also endows the coil with integrated properties near perfection. Al and Cu accounts for around 5% of the total content, with silicon, manganese, nickle, zinc etc.filling in the gap of remaining alloying metals.

2024 proves to be the most consumable among hard aluminum coil plates.It’s used for planes because of light weight, outstanding overall performance and super hardness. With a density of 2.85g/cm3, 2024 weighs a little higher than pure aluminium, but displays an immeasurably vast difference in either hardness or processing properties.The coil demonstrates a thermal stability under the temperature of 150℃, a hardness stronger than 7075 aluminium at temperatures over 125℃, and an excellent forming ability in heat treatment, annealing and quenched states. The hardness of 2024-h112 is HB85, 2024-t4 HB120-145, 2024-T351 HB120-145, and 2024-O HB40. The coil plate serves as raw materials for aircraft skins, frames, ribs, partition strips and so on.

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