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Alloys and properties for roller shutter aluminum coil roll

April 22, 2020

Alloys for roller shutter aluminum coil roll includes 3003, 3005, 3104, 3105 and 5052, indicating demands in both hardness and corrosion resistance. 3000 aluminum coils, incorporating 3% to 5% magnesium, are featured by medium hardness, excellent tensile strength and good corrosion resistance. 5052 overshadows them in all these aspects. In addition, it displays outstanding anodizing effect.

roller shutter aluminum coil roll

The aluminum coil roll ranges from 20mm to 2200mm wide. In other words, it can be of either coil or strip type. Coil rolls enable our clients to further slit the roll into strips of any width they need, and strips spare them from this trouble, yet leave them no other choice in width. Tempers are usually H18 and H19. Softer states are not suitable for blind material that require hardness to a certain degree.

To cater for further processing requirements of varied rolling shutter manufacturers, the coil is mill finished, anodized or color coated. Mill finished rolls will receive surface treatment before being made into blind shutters. Anodizing supplies different colors, too. In comparison to colors obtained by spray coating, those by anodizing appears more natural, but both are durable and attractive in application. PE and PVDF coated roller shutter aluminum coil rolls can be of any normal color in RAL or Pantone, displaying high gloss, good UV resistance, excellent erosion resistance and long service life.

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