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Aluminum Mirror Sheet Used for Cars

August 20, 2018

Car decoration remains to take up a large share in application scope of aluminium mirror sheets. Polished mirror sheets can be used in interior and exterior decoration of cars such as cooling grids, trim strips, engine top covers, signage, buttons of cars and so on. According to different requirements of these products, the most appropriate process is selected to meet the high standards of physical and decorative effects of automotive decorative parts and to save the decoration cost as much as possible. Reflective aluminium sheet metals can also be embossed with classic or modern patterns to create a superior metal sense which contributes a lot to the top grade feeling of a car. The interior of modern cars looks more upscale and classic.

aluminum mirror sheet

Aluminum mirror sheets are used for car decoration because of its excellent decoration effect, good anti-rust property, better conductivity and light weight. Embossed aluminum mirror sheets make a car operating panel shiny, attractive and unique. They can be coated with paintings of any color and design to cater for different aesthetic needs and design styles. Owing to good workability the sheets are suitable to be cut into various shapes as well. Mirror sheets usually go through an anodizing process before being made into further products. This greatly enhances its anti-rust property. Experiments show that anodized sheets can last decades in natural environments. Cars produce large amounts of heat in travelling, and it’s crucial for their components to dissipate heat efficiently. Therefore, heat conductivity is also important for a raw material. Aluminium has a better conductivity than iron. Besides, it’s lighter than its competitors such as iron, steel and copper. In an era pursuing lightness of automobiles, this proves to be a great advantage, and lighter mirror finish aluminium sheets help to reduce energy consumption as well.

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