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Difference Between Aluminum Circle and Aluminium Circle Truss

August 21, 2018

The aluminum circle refers to round flat aluminum pieces used for production of cookware, lighting reflector and decorative parts. Also known as aluminum circle discs, it boasts good corrosion resistance, excellent deep drawing property and long service life. There are mainly 1xxx aluminum circles and 3000 series aluminium circle discs, including 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003 etc. 1000 differs from 3000 in that it has weaker strength and anti-rust ability. Even stronger alloys, such as 5xxx and above, are not suitable for the deep drawing process. In addition to properties, aluminum discs also have lower price than other metal materials of similar features.

aluminum circle

An aluminum circle truss proves to be a totally different product. It’s actually a dimensional profile made of aluminum. Composed of a number of thin bent aluminium bars, aluminium circle trusses serve as frames in various occasions. If you plan to give a concert, for example, you will have to adopt them to support roof coverings of the site. They are made huge and high to hold as many audience as possible. They are also applied as overhead arches fixed together with names of a factory, village etc. The trusses can also be used as lamp frames suspended below the ceilings at home or hotels. As a kind of aluminium extrusion, aluminum circle trusses are usually of 6061-T6. Circle is the regular shape, but there are other shapes like heart, triangle, square and so on.

Normally aluminium circle discs and aluminum circle trusses come from different manufacturers. Haomei supplies aluminium circle discs of various specifications. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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