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Standards of High Quality Aluminum Mirror Sheets

August 16, 2018

Aluminum mirror sheets refer to aluminium sheets taking on a mirroring effect after going through processes of rolling, polishing and other relative surface treatment methods. With continuous development of global construction and manufacturing industries, the application scope of aluminum mirror sheets keeps widening in areas of interior and exterior decoration, automobile decoration, domestic appliance panels, lighting parts etc. No matter what kind of product it is used in, it’s important for the manufacturer to purchase high quality aluminum mirror sheets.

high quality aluminum mirror sheet

Then what are the standards of high quality aluminum mirror sheets? Among professional mirror finish aluminum sheet manufacturers, Haomei gives tips as followed. First, no cracks or corrosion marks should be found on the surface or edges of a sheet. If the sheet is over 0.6mm thick, it will be regarded as inferior in case of diffused spots on the surface. Second, slight marks of pressing, metal and non-metallic indentations, insertions, scratches, roll marks, pine dendrites and emulsion marks are allowed with regular aluminium sheets, but the depth of various defects shall not exceed the allowable negative deviation the sheet. Third, the total bubble area must be within 100mm2 on per square meter of the sheet surface. Fourth, the sheet edges should be free from burrs.

High quality aluminum mirror sheets have excellent reflectivity and property stability. The surface will not get dull with the passage of time, and stains on the surface are easy to be erased. If you want to know more about aluminum mirror sheets, please keep following our updates.

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