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Advantages of aluminium checker plate as fridge liner

October 8, 2019

The aluminium checker plate is also called aluminum tread plate. It is obtained by calendering the surface of the aluminum plate with various beautiful patterns. That’s how it gets another name of embossed aluminum plate, and the product is widely used in product packaging and architectural decoration etc. In addition, the aluminium checker plate serves as an important raw material for fridge liners. Here we’d like to discuss its advantages as a fridge liner.

aluminium checker plate

The aluminum tread plate in the refrigerator liner is scientifically based. First, the embossed aluminum plate is corrosion resistant and has good thermal conductivity. The internal environment of the refrigerator is relatively humid. If other materials are used, the requirements of the product cannot be met. According to the order of thermal conductivity of the metal, Corrosion resistance and production cost, the inner metal plate of the refrigerator is made of aluminum plate, and the embossed aluminum plate can reduce the cost as much as possible and has excellent corrosion resistance under the premise of ensuring good thermal conductivity.

Secondly, in order to increase the length and area of heat exchange between the inner and outer air of the inner tank, the refrigerator inner tank is made of stucco embossed aluminum sheet plates instead of flat aluminum plate. The embossed aluminum plate is used to increase the contact area between the air and the inner wall of the refrigerator without causing pressure on the size of the inner space of the refrigerator, so as to exchange heat more efficiently and uniformly.

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