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3000 Series Aluminum Circle Price

July 25, 2018

Like prices of other aluminum products, 3000 series aluminum circle price fluctuates over the time. Generally speaking, it’s higher than aluminum sheets and coils of the same alloys, because its production entails more complicated processes and cost.

3000 series aluminum circle

The production of 3003 and 3004 aluminum circle discs begins with a uncoiling step. The finished rolls of given alloys and tempers are flattened by an automatic uncoiling machine and then a leveller. This guarantees complete flatness of belts which are to be cut into discs. The edges discs will further be modified until they get blunt. Advanced production lines produce circles in the most efficient and economic way. Not only do they produce 55 pieces of circle per minute, but they make the most of raw materials. There’s no need for manual work from uncoiling to stacking. Traditional manufacturing methods involves less application of machines but more manual work. The raw materials (3000 series aluminium sheet or coil) are flattened by a machine and then fed into another machine (manually) which cuts them into squares. The squares are then further cut into circles of a give size.

Then how much is the 3000 series aluminum circle price? Even if you buy it directly from a local factory and pay for delivery by yourself, it’s difficult for you to get a price lower than $3000. If you want premium discs, the price will be higher. Haomei supplies aluminum circles of competitive price. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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