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Is a3104 pre painted aluminum coil used for pp caps

July 24, 2018

When you search for alloys of pp cap aluminum coil, a3104 pre painted aluminum coil will appears accompanying 8011. On websites of many professional manufacturers, a series of alloys are listed under the scope of ropp cap materials. They share temper, thickness, width and even application ranges. This is a little confusing, because not all alloys listed are actually used to produce ropp caps in practice. Take 3104 for example. Can it be used for ropp caps?

aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps

To figure out this, we should first learn about requirements about aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps and properties of 3104. An aluminium alloy must be soft, light and workable to be made into ropp caps. It must also be suitable to be printed with kinds of coatings and designs that will last long. 3104 aluminum coil sheet contains aluminium and magnesium. With a tensile strength of 275MPA and elongation of 20%, it boasts good deep drawing property. This means it can be punched into thin and light pieces. It has stronger hardness than 1000 series and can withstand pressure of a certain degree. Besides, it’s known as an anti-rust material. Based on the information above, we can conclude that a3104 aluminum coil is not so suitable for ropp caps because it’s not soft enough. On the other hand, it’s more frequently made into deeper and larger products like beverage cans that require relative hardness, corrosion resistance and light weight.

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