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1050 aluminum circle

Will China 1050 aluminum circle price keep rising

In the past months China aluminium price has kept climbing, including the 1050 aluminum circle price, since raw material price plays a crucial role in aluminium circle production cost. Then will the 1050 circle price continue rising in the future months? The answer is negative, for the factors supporting the high price will eventually be weakened. The factors that drove …

3000 series aluminum circle

3000 Series Aluminum Circle Price

Like prices of other aluminum products, 3000 series aluminum circle price fluctuates over the time. Generally speaking, it’s higher than aluminum sheets and coils of the same alloys, because its production entails more complicated processes and cost. The production of 3003 and 3004 aluminum circle discs begins with a uncoiling step. The finished rolls of given alloys and tempers are flattened …

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