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Jual Aluminium Mirror Sheet

July 26, 2018

Jual aluminium mirror sheet refers to sell aluminum reflective sheet. “Jual” is an Indonesian word which means “to sell”. Such a hot phrase reflects that there is a large group of companies supplying mirror sheets in Indonesian.

jual aluminium mirror sheet

As a China aluminum manufacturer we jual aluminium mirror sheet of 0.28mm to 1.6mm thick, 500mm to 1600mm wide customized length. We supply alloys of 1xxx series, 3xxx series and 5xxx series. The manufacturing process of our polished sheets include spray coating and anti-oxidation polishing treatment. Manufacturers usually adopt a suitable spray and drying method in accordance with different property requirements of sheet surfaces. Only uniformly sprayed sheets can be used as base plates for aluminium mirror sheets. Anti-oxidation polishing process is applied to avoid property reduction of mirror sheets after long-term usage. Treated sheets can withstand severe environments. It’s also easier to clean them.

Aluminium mirror sheet has won popularity because of its low cost and excellent properties. Aluminum costs much less than its competitors like iron, steel or copper. Weighing only one third of iron and copper, it displays extraordinary corrosion resistance and workability. It lasts long under exposure to high temperature and sunshine. Its beautiful patterns enable people to make it into various decorative products.

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