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Wood grain finish aluminum trim coil 1060 3003

January 27, 2021

Wood grain finish aluminum trim coil is a newly developed product based on traditional color coated aluminum coil. Typical alloys for it include 1060 and 3003. It embodies all modern advantages of colored aluminum, realizing the lifelike effect of wood with a stronger body and a smoother surface. The development of wood grain aluminum coil greatly widens the application scope of coated aluminium, making buildings more diverse and attractive.

wood grain finish aluminum trim coil

The wood grain finish of the coil can be painted or filmed onto the coil surface, with the former more effective and durable. It endows the coil surface with a sense of messy wood and a vivid natural beauty by a variety of colors and patterns. The paint film is baked at high temperatures after being rolled on the surface. This results in durable and stable color patterns. 1060 and 3003 wood grain aluminum coils are made of high-quality aluminum coil blanks and high-grade polyester fluorocarbon coatings, and are made with advanced coating technology. They have the bending and bending strength required for decorative panels, and can withstand the temperature and humidity changes in the four seasons. They are resistant to acid rain and does not release any harmful gas odor.

3003 wood grain aluminium coil is higher than 1060 in strength, toughness and price, and its aluminum coil blank also has stronger corrosion resistance. Both types of wood grain aluminum can be conventionally cut, punched, bent, etc. according to processing needs, and can be used in Interior and exterior decoration of hotels, bars, clubs, banks, airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, museums, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. The installed finished product can be cleaned with a rag and ordinary cleaning fluid, and there will be no peeling or peeling phenomenon. Generally, it has a life cycle of more than 10 years. The 3003 aluminum coil coated with high-quality PVDF may reach a life of 30 years.

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