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wood grain finish aluminum trim coil

Wood grain finish aluminum trim coil 1060 3003

Wood grain finish aluminum trim coil is a newly developed product based on traditional color coated aluminum coil. Typical alloys for it include 1060 and 3003. It embodies all modern advantages of colored aluminum, realizing the lifelike effect of wood with a stronger body and a smoother surface. The development of wood grain aluminum coil greatly widens the application scope of coated …

1050 aluminum painted coil for roof and wall decoration

Coated aluminium coil factory

In recent years, coated aluminium coil factory supply fluorocarbon color coated aluminum coil have become more and more popular in the market. The so-called fluorocarbon color coated aluminum sheets, as the name suggests, are made by using fluorocarbon coatings on aluminum sheets and then baked at high temperatures into a kind of color-coated sheet coil. One of the reasons for the …

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