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Application of 3005 aluminum color coil

February 24, 2021

3005 aluminum color coil is a common member of the coated aluminum family. 3005 aluminum, mainly composed of aluminum and manganese, is known for its excellent anti-rust properties and medium hardness. Plain 3005 aluminium alloy finds its applications in wet conditions or industrial products requiring a certain degree of hardness, like air conditioners, fridges, vehicles, cookware, food containers, chemical containers, pipes and coated aluminum products. The coated 3005 coil is further made into various end products.

partition and house made of 3005 aluminum color coil

The mainstream application of 3005 color aluminum coil proves to be in construction area. Typical examples include room partitions and movable board houses. An aluminum alloy partition has strong fire resistance, which can take into account the fire resistance levels of different places and regions, and use different series of products of the same system. The color and design of the pre-painted aluminum coil are combined with different top compartments and screens to perfectly present the design concept and flexibly express the decoration techniques. Because 3005 aluminum alloy has a certain load-bearing function, various functional accessories can be hung and removed from the compartment at will, which is beautiful and practical. 3005 color-coated aluminum coils can also be made into cabinet-like room partitions, making full use of the room space. When color-coated 3005 aluminum coil is used in the prefab house, it is mainly used as the surface of the house wall, because the wall of the prefab house is not a simple aluminum plate, but an aluminum alloy sandwich panel. The adoption of 3005 aluminum color coil makes a movable house more corrosion resistant, lighter, more recyclable and more flexible in design and application. The aluminum element in 3005 can easily form a dense protective film of aluminum oxide in the atmosphere. The chemical properties of this film are particularly stable. Even if the surface of the film is scratched and damaged, a new film will be produced quickly. The weight of aluminum is much smaller than other materials for movable houses, and aluminum alloys is not magnetic, which makes them suitable in aerospace, astronomical radar and other occasions with special requirements. Moreover, color 3005 aluminum alloy material has good extrusion performance, which can meet the shape design requirements of various types of mobile houses. Last but not least, aluminum alloy is easy to recycle, and the reprocessing cost is low, which is conducive to saving resources.

In addition to room partitions and mobile houses, the application scope of 3005 aluminum color coil keeps widening owing to fast scientific development. Maybe it will even be spotted on another planet someday.

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