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Powder coat aluminum coil

February 22, 2021

Haomei powder coat aluminum coil is usually coated in the skill of electrostatic spraying. In the industry electrostatic spraying, friction gun spraying, fluidized bed spraying and other methods are used for powder coatings, but electrostatic spraying is the most frequently applied. Haomei produces powder coat aluminium coil of all regular series, like 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx. The coating thickness and width of the coil is up to your requirement.

powder coat aluminum coil

The production processes of powder coated aluminium coil are as below. The powder coating is sprayed on the surface of an aluminum roll by the spraying equipment, and the roll is powdered with colored coating under the action of static electricity. After high-temperature baking, leveling and curing, the powder paint becomes a bright, matt or matt final coating. In Haomei workshop, the top choice of paint for powder coating of aluminum products is pure PVDF, and other paint types are available, too. Unlike polyester spraying, the coating of powder spraying is thicker, reaching 60-120μm, depending on the application of the aluminum coil you need. Powder-coated aluminum coils are not only superior to the painting process in terms of mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance, but also cost less than the same effect of painting.

Powder coat aluminum coil rolls find their applications in a wide variety of fields, but mostly in interior conditions, for their coating is more vulnerable to outdoor weather conditions like sunshine and rain water. And the service life is shorter, too, only around 10 years. In spite of these, aluminum rolls with powder coating remain popular, for the simple reason that they cost much less than those of other coatings, which last 10 years longer. With rapid development of various industries and swift movement of the population, few coated aluminum coil products need to linger to more than a decade.

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