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5052 aluminum tread plate for platform

January 19, 2021

Lifting platform is a kind of multi-functional lifting and loading and unloading mechanical equipment. The feature of free lifting of lifting platform has been widely used in municipal maintenance, cargo transportation in docks and logistics centers, construction decoration, etc. The lifting platform can be processed and produced by 5052 aluminum tread plate, and the price of 5052 aluminum tread plate how much is it?

5052 aluminum tread plate for platform

5052 aluminum tread plate pattern has one rib aluminum tread plate, two rib aluminum tread plate, three rib aluminum tread plate, small five rib aluminum tread plate, large five rib aluminum tread plate. Haomei Aluminum produces checkered aluminum plates with a thickness of 1-7mm. 5052 aluminum tread plate has good corrosion resistance, hardness, and rust resistance. It is usually used in special places, such as ships, carriages, refrigerators, cold storage, lifting tables, etc. This type of aluminum tread plate has high hardness and a certain load-bearing capacity.


The price of 5052 aluminum tread plate for platform is related to product specifications. Different users choose different specifications and patterns, and the price is different. The price of 5052 five-reinforced aluminum tread plate under the same specification is slightly lower than that of one-reinforced aluminum tread plate. The aluminum tread plate has the same length and width, and the thinner the thickness is, the price is slightly more expensive. Different aluminum tread plate manufacturers have different input costs, even for the same product, the manufacturers offer different prices. Understand the price of the specific 5052 aluminum checkered sheet, provide specific product requirements, and have a professional business to give a reasonable quotation.

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