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Improve the quality of 4 feet by 8 feet aluminum sheets

January 8, 2021

The number of oil stains on the 4 feet by 8 feet aluminum sheets is an important indicator for evaluating the overall quality of the aluminum sheet, which directly affects the yield and scrap rate of the aluminum sheet. So what is the cause of the oil pollution problem on the aluminum sheet? The aluminum sheet manufacturer will answer its cause and solution for you now:

There are two main reasons for the formation of oil stains on aluminum sheets:

Reason 1: In the production process of 4 feet by 8 feet aluminum sheets, oil pollution problems are prone to occur due to equipment or personnel operating errors. Oil pollution refers to the excessive oil on the surface of the aluminum tip after rolling, and the excess oil except the rolling oil film is in the slitting The visible surface is oily during production and finished product inspection.

Reason two: The production equipment was not strictly inspected before the aluminum sheet production. The surface of the equipment was not clean, and there were many contaminated impurities. The oil was thrown, splashed, and dripped on the aluminum sheet from the roll neck or the exit of the rolling mill. The aluminum plate was not plated in time.

The solution to the oil pollution problem of aluminum plate:

Solution 1: In the aluminum plate production process, improve the proficiency of the operators through training and strictly control the thickness of the aluminum sheet oil film. For the abnormality of the roller cleaner of the rolling mill when the oil volume is large, the residue of the thickness measuring head drop of the rolling mill is formed Deal with it in time and adjust the oil output to ensure the uniform thickness of the oil film.

Solution 2: Strictly inspect the production equipment before the production of aluminum plates to ensure that the surface of the equipment is clean and free of contamination and impurities. For the occurrence of oil dripping, the aluminum plates shall be cleaned and processed in time to prevent the formation of oil stains on the aluminum plates.

As a common problem of aluminum plate manufacturers, oil pollution on 4 feet by 8 feet aluminum sheets has plagued a considerable number of customers. As long as the management is strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to ensure that the aluminum plate rolling mill and the surface are clean and clean, the problem of oil pollution on the aluminum plates will be solved.

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