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Why is Aluminum Coil Used for Venetian Blind

March 15, 2019

Aluminum blinds run neck to neck with plastic blinds in the market. They have won popularity because of excellent properties of raw materials: aluminum coil rolls. There are two types of aluminum coil for venetian blind: grade 3005 and 5052, both of which have light weight, high strength, excellent flexural behavior, good adaptability to surface treatment methods and strong corrosion resistance.

color coated aluminum coil for venetian blind

Among the most frequently applied metals, aluminium is the lightest one. Its density is only one third of copper and smaller than half of iron. 5052 aluminum coil is even lighter than pure aluminum coil rolls because its alloy metal is magnesium whose density is smaller than aluminium. In comparison to bamboo and glass, aluminum coil for venetian blind can be made into thinner pieces, which reduces the net weight of a window in a way. Aluminum coil has a relatively high strength among all raw materials for venetian blind. In addition, its cutting section boasts a precise size and an excellent flexural behavior, withstanding strong bending pressure without deformation. Because of such a good bending resistance, shutters made of aluminum coil display an extraordinary sealing effect against water. The coil is so adaptable to various surface treatment methods that it becomes colour coated aluminium coil after being anodized and brightened. Colored blinds are bright and adaptable to decoration styles. Last, all aluminum products are endowed with a natural corrosion resistance. Aluminium reacts to oxygen in the air and a protective layer of oxide comes into being on the surface of aluminum coil rolls. Anodized aluminium coil sheet has an even stronger corrosion resistance.

In a word, aluminum coil for venetian blind catches on because of its extraordinary performances.

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