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Why is aluminium circle used for lighting

June 15, 2020

Lighting aluminium circle manufacturers usually adopt aluminum circle discs in making lamp parts. Why? Here are the answers.

First, aluminum circles are featured by light weight. Owing to low density, aluminium weighs only one third of other frequently applied metal circles. As a daily item, a lamp or light should be as light as possible.

Second, good heat dissipation rate. Lamps need good heat dissipation materials, and aluminum has a much larger thermal conductivity than steel; it has a larger volume year-on-year and good thermal conductivity.

Third, good reflectivity. Aluminium circles are able to reflect heat and light of lighting products effectively.

aluminum circle

Fourth, excellent corrosion resistance. A dense layer of aluminum oxide is naturally formed on the aluminum circle surface, which has a good anti-oxidative corrosion effect. Different types of surface treatments, such as anodizing, brushing, painting, and painting, can further improve the corrosion resistance. If an aluminum product is oxidized or brushed, it will never rust.

Fifth, good mechanical performances. Aluminum lamp and lighting products are usually made of ccdc aluminum circle sheets which show excellent deep drawing and spinning properties, especially suitable as materials for lighting units of varied shapes.

Sixth, the aluminium circle discs are cost efficient in comparison its competitors like steel.

Of course, aluminum circle manufacturers have varied specifications available for lamp manufacturers. Circles of different alloys, tempers, thickness, price and surface treatment methods display varied features and service life in application.

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