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Why are Aluminium Slug for Tubes Used for Pop Cans

May 15, 2018

One of the most important application of aluminium slug for tubes falls on raw material of pop cans. Considering how many cans of beer and various other beverage people consume around the world everyday, the consumption of aluminium slug for tubes is really shocking. Although steel also takes a considerable share of raw materials for pop cans, aluminium slugs beat it in density and tensile strength. Aluminium has a density which is only about one third of steel. Better tensile strength make it perfect for liquid food packaging.

aluminium slug for tubes

Aluminium slug for tubes have the following advantages while being used for production of pop cans. First, it withstands shocks more strongly than glass and steel, because it boasts better tensile strength. Second, it’s much letter than any other candidates of materials. It weighs only one third of steel and much lighter than glass. A pop can made of aluminum slug for tubes only has a weight of 14g. Third, it’s convenient to stack them. Fourth, they are non-transparent, so the liquid food inside will not be influenced by light. Fifth, if the cans are filled with beer, the beer can be pasteurized after the cans have been sealed. This guarantees aseptic conditions for the food. Last but not least, pop cans are disposable containers, and they can be recycled efficiently only when they are made of aluminium slug for tubes. Steel cans proves to of little recyclable value.

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