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Advantages of Aluminum Coil over Aluminum Sheet as Raw Material for Further Process

May 14, 2018

Although aluminum sheet accounts for a considerable share in consumption of aluminum alloy products, aluminum coil is always a top choice of many manufacturers for further process. From Technical Features of Haomei Aluminum Circle Production Line we learn that raw material for aluminum circle is aluminum coil rather than sheet, and the first step of production is coil opening. In other words, the coil has to be flattened into sheet first. Why, then, do people take efforts to roll the sheet and then flatten it for further process?

aluminum coil

According to the author, aluminum coil has at least four advantages over aluminum sheet as raw material for further processing. First, it takes less space in transportation. Many people who travel frequently have a secrete to make their clothes smaller in order to save case space. They would roll the clothes, line them up rather than stack them in a case. At least one third space can be saved in this way. Second, the shape of aluminum coil is suitable for delivery. They can be piled up conveniently in a truck or container. Although sheets or plates are packed and piled in similar ways, the piles are not so stable as aluminum rolls. Third, it’s not so easy for aluminum coil to get deformed during transportation. A coil is more tightened by rolling strength, which improves its ability against pressure and deformation. Last but not least, you can make a coil into any length without worrying about problems for transportation. The size of aluminum sheet, however, is strictly restricted by container size. Coils can be cut into circles, slugs, sheets with slightest material consumption, but further processing of sheets entails lots of waste because of size restriction.

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