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White Anodized Aluminum Supplier

May 29, 2023

Haomei Aluminum have been a welcomed white anodized aluminum supplier in China with the annual production of 200,000 tons. Anodized aluminum (Anodised aluminum) generally refers to all aluminum or aluminum alloys that have been anodized. From the principle point of view, first of all, aluminum is active, and a dense oxide film will be formed on the surface immediately after contacting with air. At the same time, it can also shape new characteristics by doping different metal ratios. The anodizing process is to prevent aluminum products from rusting or being corroded. From the point of view of technology, it is mainly through the oxidation reaction treatment of anodized aluminum, and finally forms a relatively stable oxide film on the surface of aluminum products, so as to isolate the chemical damage from the outside world. This film is very thin, with a thickness of nanometers! So the anodizing process is a film method that can keep the appearance of the equipment as new and prolong its service life.

white anodized aluminum supplier

Anodized aluminum sheet offer several advantages:

  1. Compared with ordinary aluminum plate, it is hardto appear uneven, the surface of white anodized aluminum sheet is flat.
  2. More beautiful. Ordinary aluminum sheetare mostly gray, but the color of anodized aluminum sheet will be richer. And the metal texture is stronger, especially decorative, which improves the grade and added value of the product.
  3. After anodic oxidation treatment, it is equivalent to more coatings, which can well isolate the “protective layer” from the outside world, so it has anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, strong weather resistance, no discoloration, no chalking and no peeling, durable features.
  4. High heat resistance and high fire protection level. After anodic oxidation treatment, the melting point is >2000°C.
  5. High wear resistance, up to 250~500 kg/mm2.
  6. Good insulation, breakdown voltage up to 2000V.
  7. High self-cleaning property, not easy to accumulate dust on the surface, low maintenance and cleaning costs.
  8. The price quote by white anodized aluminum supplier is naturallynot expensive! The production process has been optimized, and the production cost of the material is not high. And it is also an environmentally friendly product. Not only will the production and processing processes not cause harm to the air and the human body, but it also has a high recycling rate.

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