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Aluminum Round Sheet

June 6, 2023

Aluminum sheet deep processing has become an indispensable technology. The aluminum round sheet for cookware is a product obtained after deep processing of the aluminum sheet, and the market demand is very large. The surface of round aluminum sheet for cookware is bright and beautiful, and it is a common material for kitchen utensils. The uncoiling blanking production line is an automatic production line designed and manufactured for the production of cooking utensils and lamps, which can meet the production needs of a large number of blanks.

aluminum round sheet

We all know that there are a lot of pieces of aluminum in our lives, but we don’t realize it, and there are many kinds of continuous pieces. Our commonly used kettles, cups, etc. it is made of aluminum circles, for example, they are common in our life, lamps, tableware, lampshades, etc. They are all made of aluminum round sheets, but you may not know the advantages of the aluminum circle for cookware. Today, the manufacturers of aluminum circle will make a concentrated summary and explain its advantages in detail.


  1. Light density

The density of the aluminum circle sheet at the bottom of the pot is 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 8 series, made of alloy aluminum strips and stamped. Therefore, the metal density in aluminum flakes is generally around 2.71, which is the lowest among commonly used aluminum metals. Its formability is better than that of iron metal, and its density is lighter than that of steel.


  1. Good performance

As we all know, the aluminum circle is suitable, and the stamping performance is commonly used in our lives. Therefore, the original aluminum sheet has good stamping performance, and its stamping performance is also the purpose of the original aluminum sheet. This is a very wide range, so we are particularly important for the stamping performance of the aluminum round sheet.


  1. Formability

The aluminum circle for cookware has good bending properties, excellent bending properties, tensile bending properties and tensile properties, and is widely used.


  1. Corrosion resistance.

With the advantage of aluminum, the aluminum circle sheet also has the advantage of corrosion resistance. When used in lamps, under the long-term light source of the lamp, the opposition does not have much indoor impact. Therefore, aluminum has great corrosion resistance and light density, so it is widely used. In the field of kitchen utensils, the aluminum disc has strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, the aluminum disc at the bottom of the pot belongs to the most widely used range in the production. It can still guarantee a long service life, up to 15 years, in the harsh environment of high temperature and high temperature of the kitchen.


  1. Tensile properties

It has strong tensile properties. Depending on the aluminum round sheet, the process flow, when the annealed state is optimal, then the original sheet has great tensile properties. In terms of high-strength stretching, the stretching performance can be stretched to the extreme, so we say that the aluminum circle is very suitable in terms of stretching performance. It is hoped that the aluminum circle can gain greater popularity, so that the tensile properties of the aluminum disc can be used in a wider range.

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