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White Aluminum Trim

August 5, 2022

The white aluminum trim are mainly applied to building, construction and decoration purpose in sheet or coil product type. With the improvement of people’s attention to house renovation, at the same time, newly decorated new engineering materials – color coated aluminum has expanded its coverage due to its own various conditions, and the frequency of using color-coated trim coil is also increasing, what are the advantages of whited painted aluminum trim?

white aluminum trim

1, Light weight, easy to transport

The most popular reason for the white aluminum trim is that the material itself is light in weight, turning heads and avoiding the trouble of traditional construction materials such as concrete. Haomei Aluminum’s color coated white aluminum trim coil can not only be easily handled, but also can withstand the pressure caused by falling during transportation, which greatly reduces the Loss of material costs due to improper transportation.

2, Installation is simple

The structure of the color coated white aluminum trim coil is simple, and the construction company’s installation is also simple enough, which ensures the personal safety of the construction team and eliminates the adverse consequences caused by the traditional concept of dangerous projects. More importantly, the use of Haomei color coated aluminum trim product shortens the construction period. In time, consumers can enjoy the excellent service experience of Haomei color coated white aluminum sheet with reliable quality and price.

3, Reusable

The main material component of the white aluminum trim is still steel, so Baosteel’s color-coated sheet is durable, compressible and bendable, and the surface is clean and convenient. Due to prolonged exposure to the air, it will not cause oxidation reaction or rust corrosion, so the corrosion protection time is very long, and the service life is longer than that of ordinary steel, so Haomei Aluminum’s color coated white aluminum coil is very suitable for reuse.

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