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Chequered Sheet Metal

August 8, 2022

Chequered sheet metal is a kind of metal decorative sheet made of high-quality steel or aluminum after calendering and shearing. Chequered metal sheet has the characteristics of beautiful and luxurious style, it is widely used in the decoration of suspended ceilings in public places such as hotels and shopping malls, as well as the decoration of elevator inner walls. The main thickness of the chequered sheets metal product is about 3-6 mm. The processing is hot rolling, annealing, pickling,embossing, cut to sheet. One side of this chequered sheet is flat and the other side is patterned. This kind of checkered sheet plate is often used in chemical, railway vehicles, platforms and other occasions where strength is required.

chequered sheet metal

As we can see, the steel and aluminum chequered sheet metal are often used. Compared with stainless steel chequered sheet, aluminum chequered sheet with the same thickness are light in weight, have good plasticity and are suitable for processing, but the disadvantage is that aluminum alloys are not corrosion-resistant. But, with 3003 and 5083 aluminum alloy, the aluminium chequered sheet has good corrosion resistance and can be used in high-humidity environments, and places where acids, alkalis, and salts may corrode. Stainless steel chequered sheet products have high hardness, high strength, high corrosion resistance and high temperature deformation resistance, and high-quality stainless steel products can be used in acid and alkali environments. But the price of stainless steel is much higher than the price of aluminum alloy.


The quality of the chequered sheet metal is directly related to its service life. Whether the installation is appropriate or not is also a test of whether the staff can control the raw materials during the R&D and design process. How to judge whether its quality is up to standard? The anti-skid chequered sheet must have strong corrosion resistance in the open air environment. Nowadays, the aluminum checker plate is the most popular anti-skid product on the market. It not only has good anti-skid effect and long service life, but also has simple installation and low cost. The highlights of the series have been well received by consumers.

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