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What Is Gutter Coil

August 12, 2022

Want to know what is gutter coil, we should know gutter first, gutter coil is used for making gutters for buildings. The gutter, also known as the rainwater pipe, plays an important role in the entire drainage system. Roof drainage system is indispensable in construction. The gutter coil using 3003H24 aluminum-manganese alloy, commonly known as “anti rust  aluminum”, it has high strength, good heat dissipation and strong compression resistance. The aluminum gutter material will not oxidize and rust, and is durable. The surface electrostatic powder coating technology sprays an anti-oxidation layer, which is resistant to corrosion, cold, high temperature, and the color is pure and does not fade. Thickness of gutter coil material: gutters 0.7mm, rainwater pipes 0.5mm.

what is gutter coil

Let us see what is gutter coil in product processing. After different surface treatments, the aluminum gutter coil surface can get different surface effects and rich colors. It is suitable for interior and building exterior decoration materials. The strong metal texture can enhance the quality of the building. The common used colors of aluminum gutter coil are white, brown, gray, black, beige, red, etc. Product quality inspection items of aluminium gutter coil are corrosion resistance, aging resistance, coating adhesion, coating hardness, coating thickness, gloss.

The specification of colored gutter coils are:

Substrate: aluminum alloy 3003H24

Top coat: outdoor polyester coating, produced by roller coating.

Back coating: anti-corrosion roller coating

Thickness: gutters: 0.70mm±0.02mm; rain downpipes: 0.50mm±0.02mm

Color difference: The color difference of the same supply should not be greater than △E=1.0; the color difference of different supplies should not be greater than △E=2.0.


After learn about what is gutter coil, let’s see the function of coloured aluminum gutters:

1, Organize the regular diversion of rainwater;

2, Protect the eaves from rain erosion, so as to protect the building;

3, Make buildings more beautiful;

4, It can prevent the dripping of the eaves, prevent the perennial dripping water from penetrating the ground and damaging the wall, and play the role of protecting the ground/wall.

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