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Aluminum Gutter Coil Prices

September 13, 2021

The aluminum gutter coil prices offered by Haomei Aluminum is reasonable on the market, while guarantee the product quality. Rainwater pipes are also drainage pipes or gutters. They mainly play the role of guiding the water in the gutter to the ground in the falling water system. The gutter materials are made of colored aluminum, metal, PVC, etc. Haomei Aluminum are specializes in color aluminum gutter coil products. It has the characteristics of high impact strength, low fluid resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, light weight, convenient transportation, convenient construction and cost saving. Aluminum gutter is a new generation of building drainage and sewage pipes promoted and used by the Ministry of Construction.

aluminum gutter coil prices

The effect of aluminum coil for gutter are rainwater used for diversion, terraces, balconies and gutters to the ground to prevent rainwater from polluting the building walls. The material of aluminum gutter coil prices is 3003 manganese aluminum alloy.


Material comparison of aluminum gutter coil prices:

3003 manganese aluminum alloy: high cost performance, anti-corrosion, no fading, no oxidation and no corrosion after spraying paint for 50 years, light texture, low density, suitable for mass consumption, many times higher than the service life of PVC.

Red copper: high aesthetics, high-end grade, suitable for high-end buildings, oxidized and worn out, 70 years of no fading, no oxidation and no corrosion, high density, high cost, and the price is about 10-12 times that of aluminum alloy material, suitable for high-end consumption is many times higher than that of PVC.

201/304/316 stainless steel: high cost performance (slightly lower than aluminum alloy material), hard texture, long service life, and the price is about 2.5 times that of aluminum alloy material, suitable for public construction projects.

PVC: Low price, poor corrosion resistance, easy to fade and deform, suitable for short-term use.

Aluminum alloy imitation copper: The price is between aluminum alloy and stainless steel, much lower than copper products, and the appearance is not much different from copper products. After spraying and baking paint, it does not fade, does not oxidize and does not corrode, and is more cost-effective.

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