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What Is 5083 Aluminum Used For

June 17, 2022

What is 5083 aluminum used for? The application of 5083 aluminum is related to its properties and features. 5083 aluminum can be seen as a typical 5000 series corrosion resistance aluminum alloy, it have good anti corrosion performance for the Mg element contained. Here we help you to understand the 5083 aluminum usage by its properties.

what is 5083 aluminum used for

5083 aluminum plate is AL-Mg series anti-rust aluminum alloy, which is characterized by excellent welding performance and good corrosion resistance.
1, Weldability:

5083 aluminum alloy has good welding performance – it can be welded by various welding methods, and the strength of the weld can be equal to the basic strength of the annealed state. At the same time, it has good extensibility, cold formability, and reliable corrosion resistance. As the temperature decreases, the tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of the base metal and welded joints all increase, and the low temperature toughness is very good.

2, Corrosion resistance:

5083 aluminum sheet alloy has good corrosion resistance in various states, and has good corrosion resistance to atmosphere, fresh water, seawater, alcohol, gasoline and diesel, organic acid, concentrated nitric acid, and various foods. However, the 5083 alloy is prone to stress corrosion cracking. In order to avoid stress corrosion cracking, the working temperature of the 5083 alloy should not exceed 65 degrees.

Based on the above two notable features of 5083, we can find out what is 5083 aluminum used for, the application field of 5083 covers: low temperature application products: storage and transportation of petroleum and industrial gases. High-speed trains, subways, pressure vessels, ship hulls or the outer layers of buildings, such as speedboats, naval and construction vessels, road transport: commercial vehicles and trailers, etc. Common engineering applications: mechanical parts, fixtures, fixtures, platforms; base plates and common tools, etc.

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