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UV CTP Plates

March 5, 2024

UV CTP plates (also known as CTCP), refers to the use of UV light source in the traditional PS plate on the computer direct plate making equipment, the full name is Computer To Conventional Plate. UV CTP plates is a kind of printing plate to be able to use the advantages of ordinary PS plate into the printing industry plate making technology. UV CTP plate is characterized by being able to pass through the violet laser plate making machine, the UV CTP plate is characterized by the violet laser plate making machine, the computer directly to the UV CTP plate, eliminating the traditional plate making center, made of film, solarization to the PS plate and other steps.


UV CTP plates use a new UV sensitive layer formulation and a high-quality electrolytic oxidized aluminum substrate designed for CTCP technology, and can also be used for high-sensitivity PS plates. With high resolution, accurate dot reproduction, excellent ink-water balance and superior abrasion resistance, these plates are suitable for the market’s mainstream UV CTP plate making equipment, with good developer adaptability, making them the best choice for offset packaging and commercial printing.

UV CTP plates

UV CTP plates are mainly categorized into two types: negative type and positive type. The imaging principle of negative type UV CTP plate is to utilize the principle of polymerization and cross linking of the light sensitive part of the photographic layer to form an oleophilic graphic area, while the unexposed part is removed in the development process to form a non-graphic area. This type of ctp plate has faster plate making speed and higher print resistance, which is suitable for commercial and packaging printing. The imaging principle of positive UV CTP plate is that the photographic layer is partially decomposed in the light, which is removed during the development process to form a hydrophilic non-graphic area, while the unexposed part forms an oleophilic graphic area, which is used for printing after inking. Because of the need to remove the photographic layer of a larger area, the need for a longer exposure time, so the plate speed is slower, but its dot reproducibility is good, the development process adaptability, commonly used in commercial printing and newspaper printing.


Overall, UV CTP plates are an efficient, high quality plate making technology adapted to the needs of modern printing, and are particularly suitable for situations where large quantities are required and high quality is demanded.

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