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Types of CTP Plates

March 11, 2024

There are various types of CTP plates, which can be divided according to different classification criteria.

From the aspect of plate varieties, CTP plates can be mainly divided into silver salt CTP plates, thermal CTP plates, photopolymerized resin CTP plates and polyester plates (non-metallic plate base). Among them, the thermal CTP plates can be divided into ablative thermal CTP plates and non-ablative thermal CTP plates.

types of ctp plates

types of ctp plates

From the point of view of plate making and imaging principle, CTP plates mainly has photosensitive system CTP plates, heat-sensitive system CTP plates, violet laser system CTP plates and other system CTP plates.


In addition, from the aspect of exposure system, CTP plates can be divided into four major categories: inner drum type, outer drum type, flat plate type and curve type. Internal drum and external drum type is the most used type, flat type is mainly used in newspapers and other large format plate, curve type used the least.


Finally, from the printing plate on the drum fixed way to see, CTP plates can be divided into full adsorption type and the middle adsorption, the first and the end of the card clip fixed two kinds. Full adsorption of the size of the plate has no limitations, while the clip type of plate width must be fixed size.


It is worth noting that in recent years, with the concept of green printing in-depth, a variety of more environmentally friendly features of the CTP plates, such as chemical-free plates, completely free of processing plates, waterless offset plates, etc. continue to be pushed to the market, and was successfully applied by a number of printing enterprises, CTP plates of the environmental attributes to further enhance.


Above is the information about types of ctp plates, it is recommended to refer to specialized books in the printing industry or consult CTP printing plate suppliers.

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