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Thin flexible aluminum strips

April 27, 2021

Thin flexible aluminum strips are named in such a way to distribute it from hard aluminium strip profiles, including tubes, T-shape strips, L-shape strips, straight strips with rolled edges or holes etc. The flexible strips are soft semi-processed products in rolls. Slit directly from wider aluminium rolls, they will be further processed by purchasers from various industries. If you are from the curtain industry, for example, you might want to punch a strip with holes. In the same way, a shutter producer will curl its edge and cut a roll into short pieces of strips. Transformer manufacturers will use the strip roll directly without any further processing steps. Whatever field the strips will be used in, they correspond to thin bendable aluminum strips discussed in the previous article. Here we will elaborate on something new: price and application of the flexible thin aluminium strips.

thin flexible aluminum strips

When you ask for a price of aluminum strips, a supplier usually wants the specification and the application. In fact, the price of the strips are related to practical applications which has a one-to-one correspondence with specifications. Therefore, experienced suppliers are able to offer a quotation as soon as they learn about the application of the strips. Thin flexible aluminum strips usually find their applications in transformers and channel letters. Although the aluminum fin stock is regarded as a kind of soft aluminium strip in some regions, it is mostly a foil with smaller thickness. The transformer aluminium strip is usually of 1060-O or 1070-O. The price ranges between $2300 and $2700 per metric ton, depending on the time when you place an order. And channel letter aluminum strips are usually of 1060 O or H, the price of which is from $2300 to $3000. This price scope is larger because there are many process methods for channel letter strips, such as mill finish, painting, anodizing, brushing and so on, while transformer strips are only of one surface treatment: mill finish. Thus channel letter strip purchasers should note the surface treatment method while asking for a price.

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