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Super narrow 0.5mm thin 1060 aluminum strip

April 28, 2021

Super narrow 0.5mm thin 1060 aluminum strip is very narrow indeed, for the smallest width of 1060 aluminium strips should be 10mm most of the time. The popularity of 0.5mm aluminium strip accompanies the rocketing demand for high-end face masks with the spread of COVID-19. Such a thin strip of 1060 alloy serves as the nose bridge of various face masks including N95, N92, KN95, 3M and others that use nose bridges. Owing to the special application of the nose bridge, the width of the strip in only around 1mm, and 0.5mm is also acceptable.

Super narrow 0.5mm thin 1060 aluminum strip

The super narrow 0.5mm thin 1060 aluminum strip is used for nose bridges for face masks because it’s soft, bendable, tensile, corrosion resistant and sanitary. Aluminium itself has a very good elongation and tensile strength. Pure aluminium like 1060 can be bent at will. Thin aluminum strips of only 0.5mm wide is so soft that they withstand repeated bending and straightening of a face mask wearer without breaking. And such a flexible strip fit around the nose perfectly, effectively blocking dust, smoke, influenza virus, etc. for N95, N100, R95, p95, 9000, FFP2, ffp3, etc. Unlike iron strips, aluminum strips are naturally corrosion resistant. A thin layer of oxide aluminium comes into being on the surface and acts as a protector of the inside of the strip. This guarantees that an aluminium nose bridge will not get rusty during weeks when a mask is used. Last but not least, the thin 1060 aluminum strips for face masks are sanitary, neither containing nor giving off any toxic elements.

Haomei supplies super narrow 0.5mm thin 1060 aluminum strips of the following specifications: 0.4 * 93mm, 0.4 * 90mm, 0.4 * 94mm, 0.4 * 95mm, 0.5 * 93mm, 0.5 * 90mm, 0.5 * 94mm, 0.5 * 95mm, 0.4 * 5 * 93mm, 0.4 * 5 * 94mm, 0.4 * 5 * 95mm, 0.5 * 5 * 90mm, 0.5 * 5 * 93mm, 0.5 * 5 * 94mm, 0.5 * 5 * 95mm, 0.5 * 5 * 95mm. Welcome to contact us for a price!

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