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Thin aluminium strip 2mm thick

April 29, 2021

Thin aluminium strip 2mm thick covers alloys of 1050, 1060, 1100, 3105, 5052 and 6061, used for transformers, heat sinks, fridges, cables, shutters etc. The width ranges between 20mm and 1250mm.

Transformer aluminium strips of 2mm thick is the thickest for transformer strips, and the width is 1250mm and above. The thinner the strip, the narrower it is. For example, transformer strips less than 0.4mm thick is only 100mm wide and below.

thin aluminium strip 2mm thick

Cable aluminium strips can be as thin as 0.2mm and as thick as 8mm. The regular alloy is 1050 of temper O. 1050 aluminium strip for cables has excellent processing performance and can be used for turning, milling, boring, planing and other machining at the maximum speed that the machine tool can achieve. It has extremely high conductivity, with the electricity conductivity up to 62% IACS (20 ℃) and thermal conductivity 231w / (m · ℃) at 20 ℃. In addition, the tensile strength of thin aluminium strips for cables is 90 (n / mm 2), but it has excellent anodization and high reflectivity

The 2mm thick thin aluminium strip for shutters falls on 3105 alloy, which can also be applied to bottle caps. 3105 aluminum alloy shows excellent deep drawing, formability, corrosion resistance and surface treatment effect. 3105 aluminum strip belongs to 3-Series aluminum manganese antirust alloy, and its strength can be improved by cold working. The existence of manganese improves the strength between the welding seams of the aluminum strip of the louver, and greatly reduces the trend of cracks. In addition, 3105 aluminum strip is a common colored aluminum coating substrate, with very good surface coating and embossing effect, adding more decorative effect for the louver. 3105 H24 and 3105 h18 aluminum strips are commonly used for shutters.

Other alloys for thin 2mm thick aluminium strips, including 1100, 5052 and 6061, are used respectively for fridges, reflectors and heat sinks. Each application brings advantages of these alloys into full play. Haomei supplies all the strips above. Welcome to contact us!

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