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1060 thin aluminum strip for flexible soft connection

April 30, 2021

The 1060 thin aluminum strip for flexible soft connection is also known as a battery connection aluminium foil, for a part of its thickness range overlaps that of aluminium foil. Although products like thin aluminium strip 2mm thick are very popular, aluminium strip thickness can be much thinner (minimum 0.2mm). If the thickness of a strip is less than 0.2mm, it can be regarded as a foil, too. The 1060 flexible connection strip is 0.05mm to 0.3mm thick, thus it’s also plausible to regard the strip as a kind of foil. The power battery flexible connection aluminum strip, battery connection aluminum strip, and aluminum flexible connection are collectively referred to as aluminum foil flexible connection, but the occasions and conditions of the product use are different, and a variety of names have been extended.

1060 thin aluminum strip for flexible soft connection

1060 aluminium strip serves as the core part of a soft connection module. The batteries are connected by . There are two commonly used connecting strips for batteries: copper strips (hard connection) and cables (soft connection). The former convenient to manufacture, simple to install, and low in cost. However, due to the rigidity of the material, it is easy to cause poles or poor contact. Flexible cable connection overcomes the above shortcomings, making the battery connection flexible and convenient, and has good electrical contact performance. A thin piece of 1060-O aluminium strip functions as a base piece. The upper and lower surfaces of the piece are pasted with 0.1-thick pure nickel sheets or 0.1-thick nickel-plated copper sheets. The laminated parts are pressed together, and the two ends or the perforated parts are formed by polymer diffusion welding and high current heating and pressure welding. This is how a piece of soft connection comes into being.

Among leading China 1060 aluminum strip factories, Haomei flexible connection aluminum strip for power battery can be blanked at one time. Free from burs, oxidation and delamination, the strip shows excellent welding property and outstanding flexible conductive effect, making the connection safe and stable in the long run.

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