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0.24mm-3.0mm thick 3003 color coated aluminum coil

May 7, 2021

A 0.24mm-3.0mm thick 3003 color coated aluminum coil is a kind of anti-rust aluminum to be used widely. As an important alloy, 3003 has a lower price than 3105 and 3004. Its cost roughly equals those for 1100, 1060 and 1070 in China. The strength of the alloy is higher than 1000 series of alloys, and it boats good corrosion resistance, forming ability, and welding ability. It’s not suitable to be strengthened by heat treatment, so the cold working method is adopted to improve its mechanical properties. It has better mechanical properties, especially at elevated temperatures than the 1000 series alloys. Therefore 3003 aluminum coated coil is widely used for building industry, such as roofing and sidings, ceilings, corrugated sheets, good for insulation of heating and cooling.

0.24mm-3.0mm thick 3003 color coated aluminum coil

Haomei offers 3003 color coated aluminium coil of 0.24mm-3.0mm thick with all RAL colors. Each application scope has its own mainstream color. Trailer aluminium coil is mostly white, roofing coil red (blue, green), ceiling white (brown), and gutter brown. A great variety of their colors are shiny and vivid with tiny color difference. Width of the coil is 300mm to 1900mm. All the 3003 coated aluminium rolls are produced through rolling coated & baked with coating materials supplied by BECKER INDUSTRIAL COATINGS of Sweden and PPG of America. The production lines stand for precise roller coating & baking technology. Our 3003 color coated coil rolls are of high impact-resistance and easy-processing with qualified to standards. They find applications in interior/exterior decoration, roofing, ceiling, curtain wall, composite panel, signboard, electric appliance and trailer etc. In particular, gutter aluminum coil of 3003 h24 is our main product. With excellent quality and reasonable price, it wins popularity among quite a few North American clients in both America and Canada. We guarantee fast delivery and top quality pvdf paint with our gutter aluminum rolls. Welcome to inquire.

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