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Thin bendable aluminum strips

April 26, 2021

Thin bendable aluminum strips are soft aluminium strip products mostly of O temper, for higher hardness does not fit the process of bending. Common end products of aluminum strips whose manufacturing process involves bending include transformers, nose bridges and channel letters. These fall on the alloys of 1050, 1060 and 3003.

1060-O aluminium strip is a typical product for transformer winding. It’s a pure aluminium alloy containing 99.6% aluminum element. Aluminium itself has good heat and electricity conductivity, strong flexibility and low density. Although the integrated property of aluminium winding is a litter poorer than copper winding, it costs much less, and wins great popularity in the market.

thin bendable aluminum strips

The nose bridging of face masks can be made of either 1060 or 3003 bendable thin aluminum strips. The temper is also O, the thickness 0.4mm to 0.5mm, and width 90mm to 100mm. 3003 aluminum strips are harder than 1060, but it’s more corrosion resistant. The price of 1060 is cheaper. Thus face mask manufacturers can choose 1060 or 3003 strips based on their local market demands and consuming levels. Aluminum nose bridge strips are light, durable and sanitary. They help masks to fit around a wearer’s nose so well that the protection function of a mask is brought into full play.

Channel letter thin bendable aluminum strips fall on alloys of 1050 and 3003. These are usually anodized, brushed or painted to achieve a decorative effect. The colors of the strips are as diverse as color coated aluminum coil and sheet product, since the color coating methods are more or less the same. The thickness is mostly stable, around 0.6mm, yet the width is optional from 300mm to 1100mm, based on the size of letters you need and the process method you choose. The roll is usually small, about 100m each. Aluminum channel letters last ten years.

Haomei supplies all the three kinds of aluminum strips above. Welcome to send an inquiry!

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